‘X,Y & Z’ is for: The End


I am taking a liberal approach with the letters x, y & z. Instead of wracking my brain trying t come up with something clever for each individual letter I have decided to take them as a whole & interpret that in my own way.

To me they are an ending. The closure of the alphabet. Therefore, when looked at in this way, I interpret them as an ending. Gaining closure. So, I will be wrapping up the A to Z Challenge.

This is a great challenge and I am thankful I have been able to participate. It really made me have to dig deep at times in order to figure out what to write about! It’s been an interesting experience, for most of the letters, I would think of a word & start typing. Unrestricted and just let it flow. Then when I was finished I would read over it and realize that I need to change my words. There were very few letters that I actually new what the topic would be. I ended up winging it a lot, especially once the move began.

This challenge was a great learning experience for me in so many ways. It helped me expand myself & helped me gain the ability to be more authentic! I learned that it is ok to be a little bit more personal in my posts, that I don’t always have to write about some big profound or deep topic. It’s ok that sometimes my posts were more of a journaling experience.

I still have to go back and do A-F. I plan on back dating them so I’m not actually sure how they will appear in my feed. Yet another learning experience!

Thank y’all for joining me on this journey. I can’t wait to do this again next year!


Next up: THE KINDNESS CHALLENGE!!!! Y’all join me in spreading kindness, to ourselves & others!!!

Namaste Y’all!!! ❤



‘W’ is for: Whiny, Whimsy & Wishful Thinking


My recent posts have been a little more on the negative (or whiny) side so, I’ve decided that todays letter should have a more whimsical approach. I need a little more magic & positivity in my mind!

I had SO MUCH time to daydream while I was driving across the country. I found myself dreaming of what my future looks like. I will not be writing about it in the past tense, as to put the positive energy for manifestation! Here’s what I envision:

I picture myself starting my own business soon & it being very successful. We will be living on our land, in the home that my hubby is building for us. I will have all 3 of my boys with me & will get to start being a part of my daughters life again. I will be homeschooling the young’uns & teaching them valuable life lessons, how to live off the land, how to respect & care for others & our resources. I will be instilling in them a strong sense of self-worth, accomplishment & family values. Our farm will be healthy & abundant! I will be happy, peaceful, successful & healthy (body, mind & spirit)! I will quit smoking & be weaned off of my antidepressants, while being able to maintain a heathy, positive mindset. I will be a part of the community & not seclude myself. My family (Dad, Aunt, Oma, Mom, Brother, etc) will eventually follow suit & move out West with us. The Hubby will be buying another piece of land & developing & building cabins for them! We all live in harmony & help each other, we have a beautiful sense of community!

I picture myself growing old this way. I truly believe that these are realistic, attainable goals. What are your goals? Have you been daydreaming lately? Do you believe these dreams are realistic & attainable? What steps can you start taking to create your dream life? I would really love to now, please comment below!


Namaste Y’all! ❤

‘V’ is for: Video, VICTORY, Value & Versatility



Y’all have no idea how conflicted my emotions are right now… I am so super stoked to be here & not be traveling anymore, but I am also so sad to not be “home” in Tennessee… Oregon is pretty nice, but nowhere near as pretty as East Tennessee. Plus, I miss my boys crazy mad huge!

I took a million photos & videos of our travels, I plan on making a movie of the trip. As soon as I figure out how, lol. I’m still new to all this tech stuff…

I feel like I should get some sort of award or something for making this trip. I feel like I actually accomplished some huge thing. I also feel dumb, like this trip sucked all my intelligence out of my brain, lol. I’m pretty sure it’s just exhaustion, but I still have so much to do before I can actually have a day of rest.

Today we unloaded all of our stuff into a storage unit & returned our moving truck. Honestly, I LOVED driving that thing! I’m gonna miss it, LMBO… I made it to the post office to get our PO Box and we made it to open our new bank account. Now I’m unpacking & organizing the stuff we need for the baby & us while we are staying with my in-laws until we get our house finished. Tomorrow is all about transferring our drivers licenses, insurance, etc… Have I mentioned that I hate moving? Especially out of state….

I’m trying to stay focused & continually thank God for these amazing opportunities she has opened up for us. I’m trying not to focus on how tired I am & stay motivated all while keeping an optimistic demeanor & mindset.

I have managed to keep up my daily yoga & meditation so that is definitely helping! I have been slacking on my posts & Gratitude Journal, for that I apologize, but I’ll be able to get back on track now that we have arrived…

My goals for the new month are lofty, but should be attainable. I will:

  • Get everything transferred over & name changed on everything finally
  • Find a job (start my online jobs again)
  • Catch up on my posts & webinars
  • Complete this online class about improving my brain power I’ve really been wanting to do
  • Clean out all my email boxes, seriously they’re getting ridiculously out of control…
  • Train the new puppy
  • Finish knitting the babies booties
  • Continue doing my daily yoga & meditation
  • Join a Women’s/Mama group in the community
  • Quit smoking
  • Find a new car
  • Learn how to create videos & slideshows so I can start making my own yoga videos & stuff!
  • Start developing our property & build our house
  • Build the chicken coop, greenhouses, goat pen & talk the hubby into a horse or 2 😉

At the end of May I’ll check back & see how many of these I’ve actually managed to accomplish!

Namaste Y’all!!! ❤

A2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]



‘U’ is for: Uh-Oh, Unbearable, Unbreakable, & Unintentional


During the longest road trip ever I have definitely been learning some important lessons.

  1. I REALLY need to work on my patience!!!
  2. I am great at tuning out the baby when he is screaming for no reason. And I do mean screaming, like as loud as he can, as high pitched a sound I’ve ever heard!
  3. The cat seems to only be content if she can lay under my feet or on the dash right in my line of sight, either way she’s in my way.
  4. Every single time the baby finally falls asleep I’m either gonna have to stop to pee or put gas so he will wake back up.
  5. My husband is slow and enjoys detours & taking his precious time
  6. When I try & write an actual post from my phone I end up offending someone and then lose service so I can’t even respond or edit my unintentional mistakes! Lol
  7. It’s inevitable that if I try & go ahead of my husband and make some actual progress, something will go wrong and I’ll end up having to call roadside assistance. (Hood latch broke, ran out of gas, etc)
  8. In California, Arizona & New Mexico the gas stations are an unreasonable distance apart!
  9. California has every climate on earth and is extremely beautiful in an unconventional way.
  10. I REALLY need to work on my patience & go with the flow better! (I know I said patience twice 😂)

I could not figure out why my hubby insisted on taking the long way across the 40 & up California, until last night. The baby had his first bday present waiting for him in Sacramento! A beautiful blue pit puppy. We picked her up last night, she is 12 weeks old and we named her Bristol, her and the baby are already best friends.

It’s impossible to get them to stay still when they’re next to each other.

Today is the last 5 hrs of our trip before we are FINALLY at our new home!!!

😘 Namaste y’all!!! 🙏

‘T’ is for: The Truth About Vaccines 


Are you a vegan? Are you anti-abortion?  Does your child have ADD/ADHD? Do you believe we have the basic human right of informed consent about what we inject into our children’s bodies? Do you believe that our pediatricians should be educated of at least the ingredient list of the vaccines they are injecting into our children?  Does your child have autism, brain damage, allergies, neurological disorders,or have you been affected by SIDS or  “shaken baby syndrome”? Do you avoid wearing antiperspirant because of the aluminum content? Do know how dangerous exposure to mercury is?Do you vaccinate your children?

If you do vaccinate, then you are *unintentionally supporting abortion & animal cruelty. Do you know the ingredient list of each vaccination? Do you know the side effects? Do you know what the vaccine manufacturers used as a placebo to test them against? 

I am not going to go in depth or post a lecture about vaccines. I honestly am not anti -vaccine! I am pro-children, pro-information & pro-education!!!

Please checkout this 7 episode series at https://go2.thetruthaboutvaccines.com/docuseries/episode-1/ and educate yourself about what we are directly injecting into the bloodstream of our most precious and innocent ones!!!

The most common ingredients in vaccines are:

  • Aluminum
  • Aborted fetal tissue 
  • Chicken, pig, monkey or dog embryo 
  • Mercury (thymerisol)
  • Contaminated viruses 
  • Formaldehyde 
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Fetal lung tissue
  • Lactose
  • Ethanol
  • Egg proteins 

Those are just a few. For a full detailed list of ingredients by vaccine and manufacturer checkout:  http://vaccines.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=005206 


Namaste ❤️🙏

*I had mistakenly left out unintentionally before. I don’t believe any of us parents who vaccinated (I was one) before we were informed meant harm, neither in the production process or in our own children! I most certainly DO NOT mean any judgement or offense by this statement. 

‘S’ is for: Short & Sweet


We’re about 1/2 way there… I always forget how long this drive actually takes. This time though, it’s different. I’m driving the moving truck with the baby & Cleo (the cat) with me & my husband has Champ (the dog). This is the first time I’ve made such a long trip without my hubby in the car with me. It’s kind of awesome! 

The truck is really comfortable and it’s becoming my little nest lol. The best part, it has an auxiliary port! So I’ve been listening too & catching up on all my podcasts, webinars & Hay House Radio!!! I never have time to listen at home & hubby can only handle so much talk radio. Lol

The boy has been doing really well this trip. I’m pretty sure it’s because he is sitting next to me and can see me the entire time. Cleo is doing well also. 

I have my Ganesh on the dash, as per usual. And he’s already done a great job protecting me and removing my obstacles. Yesterday I was driving and was doing great. Then in a split second it was like hitting a wall of extre exhaustion! I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So I pulled off and got a little cat nap for about 20 minutes. When I woke up, I felt amazing. As soon as I got back on the interstate, there had been a horrible wreck that I very well could have been a part of if I hadn’t gotten off when I did. So I am very thankful to God & Ganesha for keeping me out of that!

Anyway, in tired and have another long day ahead tomorrow. 


Namaste ❤️



This morning we are supposed to be on the road moving to Oregon. Go figure, I still have half of my house in complete disarray & trying to rush to get everything packed and loaded in this moving truck, while still having some semblance of organization to it…

The next few days, my posts are going to consist of ramblings about our journey since I don’t have time to research content & my CPU is packed up. I can’t very well play on the internet while I’m driving a 24′ long truck. I feel like a truck driver in this thing! Lol

My husband is driving his truck with our dog & I am in this monster with the baby & cat. Needless to say, I’m a little nervous and am already exhausted from the drive & we haven’t even left yet! 😂 

I’m super stoked to arrive in Oregon! We bought almost 4 acres in Southern Oregon. We are getting to build our own home!!! The well has been ordered and should be dug in the next 2 weeks & all of our supplies to developed the property & build the house should start arriving at my in-laws home soon!!! We are planning on “homesteading ” (I’m pretty sure that’s just a fancy word for sustainable farming lol). 

To start off we are going to have an orchard, vegetable garden, blackberries, bluerries & strawberries, all sorts of herbs, goats, rabbits & egg laying hens. And I almost have the hubby talked into a horse or two!!!

Anyway, I definitely have a new appreciation & respect for the way the Universe works! I never thought I would actually be able to live my dream of off-grid farm life!!!  

Here’s to new adventures & renewing our Spirit!!!

Namasté ❤️