‘X,Y & Z’ is for: The End


I am taking a liberal approach with the letters x, y & z. Instead of wracking my brain trying t come up with something clever for each individual letter I have decided to take them as a whole & interpret that in my own way.

To me they are an ending. The closure of the alphabet. Therefore, when looked at in this way, I interpret them as an ending. Gaining closure. So, I will be wrapping up the A to Z Challenge.

This is a great challenge and I am thankful I have been able to participate. It really made me have to dig deep at times in order to figure out what to write about! It’s been an interesting experience, for most of the letters, I would think of a word & start typing. Unrestricted and just let it flow. Then when I was finished I would read over it and realize that I need to change my words. There were very few letters that I actually new what the topic would be. I ended up winging it a lot, especially once the move began.

This challenge was a great learning experience for me in so many ways. It helped me expand myself & helped me gain the ability to be more authentic! I learned that it is ok to be a little bit more personal in my posts, that I don’t always have to write about some big profound or deep topic. It’s ok that sometimes my posts were more of a journaling experience.

I still have to go back and do A-F. I plan on back dating them so I’m not actually sure how they will appear in my feed. Yet another learning experience!

Thank y’all for joining me on this journey. I can’t wait to do this again next year!


Next up: THE KINDNESS CHALLENGE!!!! Y’all join me in spreading kindness, to ourselves & others!!!

Namaste Y’all!!! ❤



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