‘W’ is for: Whiny, Whimsy & Wishful Thinking


My recent posts have been a little more on the negative (or whiny) side so, I’ve decided that todays letter should have a more whimsical approach. I need a little more magic & positivity in my mind!

I had SO MUCH time to daydream while I was driving across the country. I found myself dreaming of what my future looks like. I will not be writing about it in the past tense, as to put the positive energy for manifestation! Here’s what I envision:

I picture myself starting my own business soon & it being very successful. We will be living on our land, in the home that my hubby is building for us. I will have all 3 of my boys with me & will get to start being a part of my daughters life again. I will be homeschooling the young’uns & teaching them valuable life lessons, how to live off the land, how to respect & care for others & our resources. I will be instilling in them a strong sense of self-worth, accomplishment & family values. Our farm will be healthy & abundant! I will be happy, peaceful, successful & healthy (body, mind & spirit)! I will quit smoking & be weaned off of my antidepressants, while being able to maintain a heathy, positive mindset. I will be a part of the community & not seclude myself. My family (Dad, Aunt, Oma, Mom, Brother, etc) will eventually follow suit & move out West with us. The Hubby will be buying another piece of land & developing & building cabins for them! We all live in harmony & help each other, we have a beautiful sense of community!

I picture myself growing old this way. I truly believe that these are realistic, attainable goals. What are your goals? Have you been daydreaming lately? Do you believe these dreams are realistic & attainable? What steps can you start taking to create your dream life? I would really love to now, please comment below!


Namaste Y’all! ❤


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