‘U’ is for: Uh-Oh, Unbearable, Unbreakable, & Unintentional


During the longest road trip ever I have definitely been learning some important lessons.

  1. I REALLY need to work on my patience!!!
  2. I am great at tuning out the baby when he is screaming for no reason. And I do mean screaming, like as loud as he can, as high pitched a sound I’ve ever heard!
  3. The cat seems to only be content if she can lay under my feet or on the dash right in my line of sight, either way she’s in my way.
  4. Every single time the baby finally falls asleep I’m either gonna have to stop to pee or put gas so he will wake back up.
  5. My husband is slow and enjoys detours & taking his precious time
  6. When I try & write an actual post from my phone I end up offending someone and then lose service so I can’t even respond or edit my unintentional mistakes! Lol
  7. It’s inevitable that if I try & go ahead of my husband and make some actual progress, something will go wrong and I’ll end up having to call roadside assistance. (Hood latch broke, ran out of gas, etc)
  8. In California, Arizona & New Mexico the gas stations are an unreasonable distance apart!
  9. California has every climate on earth and is extremely beautiful in an unconventional way.
  10. I REALLY need to work on my patience & go with the flow better! (I know I said patience twice 😂)

I could not figure out why my hubby insisted on taking the long way across the 40 & up California, until last night. The baby had his first bday present waiting for him in Sacramento! A beautiful blue pit puppy. We picked her up last night, she is 12 weeks old and we named her Bristol, her and the baby are already best friends.

It’s impossible to get them to stay still when they’re next to each other.

Today is the last 5 hrs of our trip before we are FINALLY at our new home!!!

😘 Namaste y’all!!! 🙏


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