‘S’ is for: Short & Sweet


We’re about 1/2 way there… I always forget how long this drive actually takes. This time though, it’s different. I’m driving the moving truck with the baby & Cleo (the cat) with me & my husband has Champ (the dog). This is the first time I’ve made such a long trip without my hubby in the car with me. It’s kind of awesome! 

The truck is really comfortable and it’s becoming my little nest lol. The best part, it has an auxiliary port! So I’ve been listening too & catching up on all my podcasts, webinars & Hay House Radio!!! I never have time to listen at home & hubby can only handle so much talk radio. Lol

The boy has been doing really well this trip. I’m pretty sure it’s because he is sitting next to me and can see me the entire time. Cleo is doing well also. 

I have my Ganesh on the dash, as per usual. And he’s already done a great job protecting me and removing my obstacles. Yesterday I was driving and was doing great. Then in a split second it was like hitting a wall of extre exhaustion! I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So I pulled off and got a little cat nap for about 20 minutes. When I woke up, I felt amazing. As soon as I got back on the interstate, there had been a horrible wreck that I very well could have been a part of if I hadn’t gotten off when I did. So I am very thankful to God & Ganesha for keeping me out of that!

Anyway, in tired and have another long day ahead tomorrow. 


Namaste ❤️


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