This morning we are supposed to be on the road moving to Oregon. Go figure, I still have half of my house in complete disarray & trying to rush to get everything packed and loaded in this moving truck, while still having some semblance of organization to it…

The next few days, my posts are going to consist of ramblings about our journey since I don’t have time to research content & my CPU is packed up. I can’t very well play on the internet while I’m driving a 24′ long truck. I feel like a truck driver in this thing! Lol

My husband is driving his truck with our dog & I am in this monster with the baby & cat. Needless to say, I’m a little nervous and am already exhausted from the drive & we haven’t even left yet! 😂 

I’m super stoked to arrive in Oregon! We bought almost 4 acres in Southern Oregon. We are getting to build our own home!!! The well has been ordered and should be dug in the next 2 weeks & all of our supplies to developed the property & build the house should start arriving at my in-laws home soon!!! We are planning on “homesteading ” (I’m pretty sure that’s just a fancy word for sustainable farming lol). 

To start off we are going to have an orchard, vegetable garden, blackberries, bluerries & strawberries, all sorts of herbs, goats, rabbits & egg laying hens. And I almost have the hubby talked into a horse or two!!!

Anyway, I definitely have a new appreciation & respect for the way the Universe works! I never thought I would actually be able to live my dream of off-grid farm life!!!  

Here’s to new adventures & renewing our Spirit!!!

Namasté ❤️


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