When you think about The Universe opening the door for your next opportunity, what do you see? Most of us tend to envision a perfect scenario of which every moment is as smooth as silk and handed to us on a silver platter. I don’t know about images (27)you, but I’ve never witnessed an opportunity coming into my life like that before! Yet, for whatever reason, every daydream I have is like a fairy tale… I believe the occurrence of opportunity coincides with chaos because without it, we tend to be lazy. For most of us, the more we endure & suffer, the stronger we become. Therefore, we are more determined.

One of the worst qualities I have in my spirituality is the inability to recognize the blessings in my life unless they are surrounded by pain. Whether you can admit it or not, it’s like this for most of us, no matter how optimistic of an individual you are. It’s not that we are “negative”, but it’s just the normal human condition to grow accustomed to our present situation. We tend to take things for granted.

It’s kind of like the stars… You can only see them when it’s dark. The stars still exist during the day, we just can’t see them because of all the light.

Most of the opportunities in my life seem to occur at the most inopportune time. For example, it has been my life-long dream to own my own property, off-grid & to homestead it. I want my own farm, garden, etc.  I am currently in the middle of packing to move all the way across the country & live out my dream! Go figure, the opportunity has occurred amidst a bunch of custody problems so 3 of my children are unable to go with me at the moment. This appears as a very inopportune images (28)occurrence. Fortunately, I have a wonderful husband who helped me see things all the way through so I didn’t miss the blessings. If I don’t take the opportunity now, it might not come around again. Then what life do I have to offer my children? I am doing this FOR them! It might not be ideal, I will miss them more than anyone other than a mother could understand, but it’s what’s best for them in the long-term.

We have to take advantage of the opportunities handed to us. See the doors that The Universe is letting stand wide open. The worst thing we can do is deny ourselves out of FEAR!


Namasté ❤

A2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]




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