‘N’ is for: New Beginnings



Today’s Oracle Card Reading using Sonia Choquette’s “Ask Your Guides” deck

This evening, I asked my Spirit Guides if I will be getting my boys back before the year is over. This is what they wanted me to know.

  • BUSINESS/VENUS Money, Profits, Bargaining & Negotiating: “The abundantly prosperous & infinitely loving Divine goddess Venus delights in guiding you in your business & money-making matters. As the goddess of love & relationships, she affirms that at the heart of all success in business, you’ll find good relationships between people who trust one another. She points you to new levels of mastery in applying love in order to create the most advantageous business partnerships possible. She wants to move you past any resistance to her garden of earthly abundance & learn the art of creating prosperity & success. With her assistance, you’ll find that you genuinely love what you’re doing professionally & have a new appreciation for those you work with. This win/win approach to business will empower your efforts, and soon you’ll find yourself in a state of grace when it comes to succeeding on the material plane. With Venus as your Divine mentor, you’ll be guided to the right place at the right time & blessed with the right ideas to create a successful outcome for all. Let your heart be as generous as possible in your work, approach it as an art whose creations you delight in. Guard against becoming greedy or drunk with materialism. Venus’s message ‘Business is an art, which you can master if you work from the heart & work with love.’ “
  • NEW BEGINNINGS/DIVINE FATHER- Courage, Desire, Initiation & Creativity: “The spark of life from your Divine Father is igniting your imagination, stirring your creative genius & instilling in you a strong desire to bring about change. Now is the perfect time for you to act upon your impulses & initiate new beginnings, especially in those areas of your life that leave you presently dissatisfied. Trust your desire for change, & ask the Divine Father to give you the courage to initiate it. Commit to your unique new ideas, start writing that book you’ve been thinking about, open that business you’ve been secretly desiring for so long, or break the ice in a new relationship with someone you’ve held back from. The Divine Father encourages you to act in confidence. All the elements for your success are in place. Don’t hesitate, don’t think and don’t play it safe. Take a leap of faith & commit fully to what you really want. Your Divine Father’s message: “Go for it.” You can’t fail.”
  • BALANCE/DIVINE TEACHERSSupport, Codependency, Manipulation & Generosity: “You’re in the delicate process of learning how to properly balance the flow of give-and-take in your personal relationships, & it’s time to evaluate how you’re doing. Are you giving too much, leaving you resentful & angry? Or are you withholding when you could give more, leaving you feeling guilty & defensive? Your Divine Teachers can help you learn how to better align your relationships so you neither give nor take too much as a means of controlling others. They counsel you to be honest about your motivations when dealing with others; you know in your heart of hearts what drives your interest in them. Do you give with a secret agenda of “you owe me”? Do you create dependency in & control over others with your kindness? Or do you withhold for fear that you might be taken advantage of, keeping people guessing about your motives & intentions? Your Divine Teachers are on hand to help you answer these questions. They lovingly assure you that relationships are the most difficult of all spiritual classrooms, and the lessons of proper give-and-take are the most difficult of skills to learn. Have compassion for yourself as you seek balance with others. Ask your Divine Teachers to help you become more aware of how you give and receive in all your relationships, not just the romantic kind. Their message to you: ‘There’s no difference between giving & receiving love.’ “

My Spirit Guides & Angels are definitely trying to show me the path to take! This reading has given me more hope, strength, answers & direction than I ever thought possible from 3 little cards!


Namasté ❤



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