I is for: Innocence


Today was a perfect spring day! So, I grabbed a quilt & took the smallest one outside to enjoy it. As I was laying there watching him explore, I couldn’t help but take notice of the purity of his curiosity and the innocence of the experience he was having.



It got me thinking, We all have moments of innocence. Even after years of trauma, we can still experience innocence. When I was watching my son pick the grass, watch me blow on the dandelions & feel the dirt between his toes, this was a moment of innocence for me! I had pure joy & adoration for the experience my son was having! And then it dawned on me, when I am laying in the grass, feeling the warmth from the sun on my skin & in a moment of complete and utter bliss, that I too was innocent! I had no worries of anything, I was able to unplug and truly enjoy myself, like I haven’t done in a very long time.

The innocence that children so naturally express is usually thought of as the absence of something: experience, education or sophistication. But viewed spiritually, innocence is not the lack of worldly wisdom but the presence of spiritual awareness. Children are not innocent because they are a clean slate untainted by negativity & traumatic events, but because they are secure in their the divinity. They ARE the very image of God.

Most of us tend to think that maturity & worldly wisdom is the opposite of innocence, but in all actuality they are one in the same. If we can live & love like our children, our natural state of being IS trust, purity & innocence. The fullness of spiritual enlightenment cannot come without embracing a child-like state of being!

I believe that it’s super important for all of us to not only recognize when we have innocent moments, but to start CREATING these moments! We all know that we are our children’s teachers in life. But, we tend to forget that our children are just as much our teachers as we are there’s!!! There are so many things that we can learn from them. All we have to do is cherish & be FULLY PRESENT in each & every interaction we have with the young souls that walk this Earth.

They are our teachers of innocence! Just by being completely engaged & free of distraction when we are interacting with them we can learn unconditional love, pure joy, forgiveness & how to see the World in a new light. Not tainted by the trauma of our past.

“Don’t use you energy to feed your history, Use your energy to feed your destiny.”

~Joel Osteen

By having an innocent view of the World and our encounters with others we are actually healing ourselves from the traumatic experiences that have given us a negative view of the world. When we are able to release them, forgive & heal it transmutes those negative experiences into teachings which lead us on our path of Divine destiny.

“As young children we responded to the world in this way, with a kind of spiritual awareness, only to lose our innocence as more prosaic interpretations were imposed upon us later, in good faith, by parents and teachers.” (Hay & Nye, 2006)

When we are children we are standing at the center of our own universe, our experiences have a magical and omnipotent quality until external influences slowly condition us to be more “rational”. By the time we are adults, the compulsion to thrive (or simply survive) may leave us little time to stand and stare, to contemplate life’s rich mysteries; and so we are left incomplete.

If we create more of these “innocent moments” in our lives we will begin to notice a more Universal kinship that awakens our higher sense of compassion, tolerance & kindness. We will still act & think independently, as “responsible adults”, but it will no longer be solely from self-interest. This is a TRUE SPIRITUAL AWAKENING!

This is a vital step in achieving full on “Spiritual Maturity”. In order to achieve this state of being, we MUST retain, remember or rediscover & then rekindle that precious sparkle of spiritual awareness from childhood. Each of us with luck, Divine intervention, or through purposefully seeking out some kind of spiritually enriching activities can do just that!!!

How were you innocent today? I would truly love to know so please comment & share the experience of innocence that you had today!

Namasté!!! ❤

A2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]


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