G is for: Gentleness


If you have read any of my other posts, you know that I am huge on gratitude. So, of course that was the first ‘G’ word I thought of. Since it came to me so easily, I decided to switch it up. I mean, this is a blogging ‘challenge’, right? I thought it would be good for myself to have to write about something different for a change.

There are SO MANY great ‘G’ words that go along with the mindful, spiritual sentiment of my posts, that I am having a difficult time deciding which to do!

Generosity, Greatness, Grace, Garden, Goals, Gentleness, Genuine, Gift, God, Gregarious, Etc… After careful consideration, I decided to go with Gentleness.


1. Having or showing a kind and quiet nature : not harsh or violent.

2a. not hard or forceful
  b.not strong or harsh in effect or quality


  • the gentleness of his manner


It is so important for our peacefulness, mindfulness & general well-being that we are kind & gentle to ourselves! We need to use our thoughts to uplift ourselves, it’s not always easy to be gentle with ourselves. We need to be kind to ourselves with our thoughts. The more positive & kind we are to ourselves, the more we will notice the beautiful qualities that God has blessed us with. I know it might sound like a cliche, but let’s try a few gentle exercises.

Stand in front of a full-length mirror. Look at yourself, I mean really look deep into your own eyes. See yourself, see the beauty & kindness in your soul. Now, scan your body, this will be especially hard for some of you. Next, we are going to say things out loud. Look at your hair, find one thing that you LOVE about it, say OUT LOUD, “I Love           about my hair!”  Look at your face, Find 1 thing you LOVE about your face, say it out loud. Continue to scan each part of yourself down to your toes. Your arms, skin, upper body, mid-section, bottom body, legs & then your feet. Once you’re done with your physical attributes, it’s time to focus on your mental, spiritual & emotional ones. I want you to realize 3 things in each category. It’s only 3, you can do it! Write them down on post-it notes or small pieces of paper & post them where you will see them every day! ex: “I am smart.” “I love my motivation” “I am capable”, “I trust God’s plan for me” “I love the path that I am on” “I have so much to offer others”, “I am empathetic” “I love deeply” “I am honest”. Look at them every day and know that they are true.

Now, just as important as being gentle to ourselves, is being gentle with others. Every time you have an interaction with another person, Find 1 thing that you love about them. ESPECIALLY if it’s someone you don’t particularly care for! Start off just thinking these thoughts and keep them to yourself. Then maybe once you begin to gain confidence in yourself, you can let them be known. Just casually throw into your conversation how much you appreciate their patience, helpfulness, hair, etc. If you are in a situation with a lot of frustration, like being on the phone with a bill collector or something, focus on this exercise! Realize that this person is only human, makes mistakes, is just doing their job, is going through something you may not know about or a very rude customer and no matter how difficult it may be find something positive about your interaction and make it known!!! Ex: “Thank you for your patience with me, I apologize for taking my frustration for the situation out on you. I know it’s not your fault, you’re just doing your job.” “I’m sorry you are unhappy with the service/item/experience, if you bare with me I would be happy to sort this out for you. BTW I cannot get over how perfect your skin is!”

If you practice this gentleness, self-control & kindness with yourself & others daily, I PROMISE you, your life WILL change!!! You will open up doors you never believed possible! By doing this you are inviting nothing but positive, healing energy into your life and kicking all of the nasty negative energy out! Plus, you are touching the lives of others & you never know, you might just change their entire life with one little comment or moment of understanding!


“Be the change you wish to see in the World!”


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