I wanted to write this beautiful & eloquent post that was worthy of my baby brother’s photo being on it. But honestly, there is absolutely nothing I can say that would do him or my Mama justice. His beautiful, loving, extremely sweet & daredevil Soul was taken all too soon from this World. And I honestly, have absolutely no idea how my Mama made it through. I pray to God daily that I never have to find out where she managed to find her strength & will to live after having to make the decision to unplug her youngest child from life support…  It’s been 22 years and we still don’t have any answers as to why The Universe decided to take him back. But, in his short, 2 year & 8 month long life, he touched the lives of so many. I often wonder what kind of man he would be. Would he have been the “good” one? Would he have a family? Would he continue in the daredevil spirit and be into extreme sports? Would he still be kind & gentle, making the World a better place for all? I’m pretty positive he would be all of the above! He was meant for greatness! So why was his life cut so extremely short?! These are things I will never understand about how The Universe works…

I used to dream of you so often, where did you go? Is it a coincidence that I haven’t dreamed of you since I gave birth to my oldest son? Surely not. Did you choose to re-incarnate so soon? Did you choose to become my son instead of my brother? Why would you leave Mama in such pain like that? Or did you have no choice but to leave and so you tried to come back to us? Or is the pain of losing you clouding my intuition completely and you’re still here watching over us? Maybe the fear of losing my own child shut my intuition down and so you CAN’T come to me in my dreams anymore? I wish I knew the answers… Maybe some day when we are together again on the other side…

You are truly & DEEPLY missed Jeff! You were the epitome of Love! Your Soul lives on forever, we know. We just wish it could have been with us for much, MUCH longer…

We were blessed to have you for the time we were allotted.

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel Baby, Your Sissy ❤


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