Do you ever have a hard time trusting? I’m not talking about in a relationship with another person. But Universal trust… Because I am struggling with it today.

You see this beautiful mini-van? Well, she’s all mine & has been for about 3 weeks now! I was so stoked to get her and I absolutely LOVE driving her! She has ALL the bells & whistles & runs perfect… Or so I thought…

The husband noticed a small oil spot in the driveway the other day so, I did the responsible adult thing and made an appointment with the dealership. Well, today was the day. I was positive they were going to tell me I had a seal that needed to be replaced in the oil pan or something simple like that. Boy was I wrong!

The dealership called me with a $6000 estimate! Turns out that small oil spill is actually oil getting pushed past the pistons & into the spark plugs, a seal that connects to the transmission is bad so the transmission would have to be completely removed to change it and my timing belt is going bad. I called the dealership I bought it from, but since I purchased it “as-is” & didn’t know I could buy an extended warranty, they are refusing to do anything to help fix the problem. Even though they are the ones that sold me a lemon. And unfortunately Tennessee doesn’t have a lemon law for used vehicles so I’m not protected under that.

Now that I have given you a lesson on mechanics and to make sure you never buy a vehicle under the assumption it’s been put through diagnostics at the dealership, what now?


I am in the predicament of having absolutely no choice, but to trust that The universe has a plan for my family and our financial situation. The estimate to fix this vehicle is the exact price we were about to buy our new-to-us manufactured home for.  So, as you can imagine this is a very stressful expense. We can technically “afford” it, but that was money set aside for the well we have to get dug in order to have water on the property…

Besides trying to figure the logistics out, I believe I am handling it quite well. I managed to keep my zen and not let it ruin my day. I learned a very valuable lesson about making large purchases without doing enough investigation on the item to be bought, for sure! But The Universe is trying to teach me another valuable lesson, even if I haven’t quite figured out what it is yet…

And I just have to trust in that, otherwise I might cry… Now is the perfect time to work on my manifestation skills!

I hope y’all had an easier day then I did!



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