Our Reality


As Mama’s we constantly have to multitask. As I sat down to work today and start researching topics for a post, I had a little gnome rummaging around at my feet. Biting me (he got 6 teeth in at once & is crazy about using them), beating me with the cat toy & trying to get to the cords and paperwork under my desk. Before I knew it, I had nothing done and was playing with the boy. When he decided to skip his nap today, there went my ability to get any work done today and left me with nothing to write about. I can tell you the very LAST thing I wanted to do tonight after cooking, doing laundry, bathing the spaghetti off the baby & finally getting the boy in bed, is to sit down at the computer and try to think of something to write about. Then it hit me (not the cat toy this time), I know exactly what to write about!

We get frustrated. The baby won’t nap, the kids are getting into everything except what they’re aloud too and we find ourselves yelling and accomplishing absolutely nothing.

We all know that they don’t stay little long, today they are as young as they will ever be. So, instead of letting myself get frustrated, I gave the boys the attention they were craving. I played Boggle with the biggest one, took the smallest one outside to play in the grass and because the middle one was completely tuckered out from school he fell asleep on the couch and I actually got to sit the and look at him. How often do we get to REALLY look at our babies when they start to get bigger? Once they become mobile it’s usually over and all we get to see is a blur as they run past us. lol I may not have gotten any research done, but I sure did enjoy myself and got some much needed quality time with my boys.

Spirituality in my life, isn’t looking perfect while sitting under a tree meditating for hours. I’m a Mama and wife above all else. I have to cook, clean and raise these little humans to be functioning, respectful adults one day. Not to mention, I have to make sure to have quality time with my husband. The reality of my spiritual life, is that I spend most of my day trying to keep my boys from killing themselves and each other. My daily yoga consists of my having to move all the toys out of the middle of the floor first and then making sure I don’t crush any little fingers & toes during my transitions all while my feet are being attacked by the family cat, I literally have bite marks (from the baby & cat) all over my yoga mat. The times I actually get the chance to sit & meditate (which is rare) I usually end up falling asleep! My “workout” consists of me doing toe raises, squats and leg  lifts while I breastfeed the baby to sleep. Hey, the added weight has done wonders for my strength! 😉

The point I’m trying to make is this, if what you are trying to achieve is a genuine, livable, real-life sense of spiritual being, then you’re in the right place! Just because your life may be crazy hectic, doesn’t mean you aren’t living your enlightened path! I do it every day. For me, it all started by watching my tone and words with my husband and boys, it just naturally progressed from there.

In order to live your Spiritual Reality, start by taking advantage of those moments when your young’uns are driving you bat shit crazy. If they are continuously getting into something or badgering you, chances are they just need some quality attention. Give it freely! Before long, they will be dying to get away from you and you’ll miss the day they kept hitting you with the cat toy trying to play…






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