Part III: Your Divine Calling


Yesterday we learned how your thoughts create your reality. Hopefully the tool/meditation I gave you was effective thus far. I know it’s only been about 24 hours, but whether physical, emotional, spiritual or mental, healing can happen quickly. Especially when the Universe has been waiting for you to answer her call! keep at it and it will feel like no time for you to reach your Higher Calling!

Today is your “Advanced Manifestation Training”. Yesterday was basically about “learning” how to meditate and reach your alpha state. Today’s meditation will take you farther & deeper so you can discover your greater purpose. The best tool I can recommend for finding your Divine calling, is being of service to others. But, that’s a topic for another day.

Inspiration Leads To Intention when we are leading a mission oriented life.

The journey of discovering your higher purpose is a series of peaks & valleys. The valleys are NOT random events. Valleys are the way The Universe speaks to you, nudging you back into the right direction. And if you’re not listening, then God may have to take a drastic measure. For example, causing a “valley” of you breaking your leg to get you into the hospital so you can get your health checked out  & slow you down so you will take better care of yourself. Valleys contain amazing learning experiences and wisdom that once we are no longer in that valley, lead us to sharper rises in our “peaks” or quality of life.

We did a meditation yesterday for Creative Visualization, today we are going to take that a few steps further & picture the details! In order to have a stronger “link” to God/The Universe/(insert your word here) we need to reach our alpha state and then picture every detail of the outcome we are trying to achieve. We cannot be too detailed! The more detailed we are the more likely we are to achieve it! But remember, it’s not “how” it happens, but that it happens. It’s ok to be detailed about the end result, but try not to put restrictions on how the Universe brings it to us. The Universe will deliver the best possible outcome for ALL involved in the way that it needs to happen.

In order to SEE & FEEL the solution or outcome there are a few things we need to consider for when we are using our meditation tools:

  1. What do you see?
  2. What do you hear?
  3. What can you touch?
  4. How does everything feel around you?
  5. What can you smell/taste?
  6. How do you feel emotionally?

Always end with your emotional feelings. Feelings are energy and The Universe creates off of energy. So, focus on your emotions for the situation. All of the physical stuff is to make it all more real for you to visualize. Once you begin to focus on the feelings, everything will come to you.

Incorporate these things into your daily meditation. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a huge ceremony in order to meditate. Half the time, mine happens when I’m in the shower or doing dishes! Continue with your Gratitude Journal & “What if” statements. And watch as your dreams start to come to you!

Blessed we are!

Love & Light!!!



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