If You’re Content, You’re Not Growing…


As a recovering addict, I first heard this statement 2 years & 10 months ago in a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. When I first heard it, I didn’t quite understand the value behind it. Until recently my #1 goal in life has been to live “contently”. I didn’t realize how I was selling myself short & screwing myself out of the beautiful, loving, happy life I am destined for! I’ve also come to realize that it’s not the contentment that dangerous to your Spiritual, physical and mental well-being. It’s actually the apathy that most of us default too instead.


[kuh n-tent]

1.satisfied with what one is or has; not wantingmore or anything else.
2.British. agreeing; assenting.
3.Archaic. willing.
verb (used with object)

4.to make content:

These things content me.

5.the state or feeling of being contented;satisfaction;contentment :

His content was threatened.


noun, plural apathies.
1.absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement.
2.lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting.
3.Also, apatheia, apathia [ap-uhtheeuh] (Show IPA). Stoicism. freedom from emotion of any kind.
According to the definitions, being content is actually a great thing, as long as you are careful to not let it transform into apathy!
I am going to be posting my first blog series about this. I will be educating you, along with myself on how to navigate the realm of contentment while staying away from apathy. We will be “bending reality” and growing into our own destiny through the 4 Stages of Manifesting Contentment!
  1. The Apathy Stage- Emerging from the reality of your apathy.
  2. Creative Visualization- Determining what it is you REALLY want/need.
  3. Higher Calling- Becoming a conduit to push yourself & humanity forward.
  4. Self-Reflection- Core Exercise to create a sense of Oneness.

I will go in depth for each stage as well as guide you through meditations for each one. So, stay tuned & check in the next 4 days and let’s journey together as we grow into our destined level of being content!




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